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Hulled Sesame Seeds

We are a trustworthy manufacturer of hulled sesame seeds based in India, offering a wide range of sesame seeds including hulled sesame seeds, natural sesame seeds, and roasted sesame seeds.

Hulled sesame seeds are highly regarded in India due to their numerous health benefits and medicinal properties. They are rich in nutrients and contain all the essential minerals required for a healthy lifestyle.

Our company provides hulled sesame seeds in various qualities and varieties to meet the specific needs of the food industry and our global clientele. We take pride in processing our products organically, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals and substances. Moreover, our products adhere to international guidelines, making them suitable for global markets.

Our hulled sesame seeds are commonly used in their natural form and are compatible with a wide range of food items in Indian kitchens. These sesame seeds also offer multiple medicinal benefits, making them ideal for various ailments and treatments. The chemical-free nature of our products has garnered a strong market presence in India and abroad. We are pleased to offer our organic products at competitive market prices.

As a leading industry player and reliable manufacturer of hulled sesame seeds in India, we strive to provide our clients with affordable pricing options. We also offer attractive discounts on bulk orders, making us the preferred choice for customers.

To learn more about our products and available varieties, please do not hesitate to contact our expert team.

Hulled Sesame Seeds Uses And Benefits

  • Hulled sesame seeds are highly popular due to their nutritional value and rich mineral content.
  • Our sesame seeds can be freely incorporated into various food products, as they are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained for optimal use.
  • The process of converting natural sesame seeds into hulled ones involves carefully removing the outer layer.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are categorized into three types: premium, semi-premium, and standard purity, with our offerings being 99.98% pure.
  • These seeds are beneficial for the digestive system and contribute to improved overall health and stamina.
  • Hulled seeds are commonly used in cooking, especially when roasted or heated, as they provide a delightful crunchy flavour. They are often added to cookies, bread, and even sprinkled over ice-cream as an alternative to chopped nuts.
  • These sesame seeds find extensive use in breads, burgers, sauces, cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, granola, candies, soups, and various other bakery and confectionary products, enhancing both taste and nutritional value.
  • They are also a key ingredient in making sesame paste or Tahini.
  • The seeds are known to aid in curing Anaemia, preventing diabetes, and possessing anti-cancer properties.
  • Sesame seeds are believed to provide relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis and can be beneficial in treating anxiety.
  • When used in cooking, hulled sesame seeds add a crunchy and nutty flavour to bread and other dishes.
  • Their anti-cancer properties and ability to prevent diabetes make them a valuable addition to a healthy diet.
  • Hulled sesame seeds are versatile and can be utilized in making a variety of pastes, including Tahini.

Being the Industry leader for more than a decade, Dhaval Agri has become synonymous with Quality in the seed industry. Our market is growing not only in India but also globally. As trusted exporters of Hulled Sesame Seeds, we make sure to provide only top-quality products. Each of our items goes through strict quality testing to ensure we deliver excellent results to our customers.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits and uses of Hulled Sesame Seeds, don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team. We are here to help and provide you with all the information you need. Feel free to contact us right away!

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Hulled Sesame Seeds Nutrition Facts And Specifications

Admixture 00.05 % Min
Purity 99.95% Min
FFA 1.5% Max
Moisture 4% Max
Salmonella Absent/25g
Pesticide Residues Within EU Regulations

Hulled Sesame Seeds Manufacturer’s Packaging Information

  • Bag Type: Laminated
  • Bag Weight 60 Gms
  • Weight Capacity To Pack Up to 25 Kgs Material
  • Colour Natural, White
  • Labeling Printing with water based ink

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